Good News for the Balsams Resort & Northern New Hampshire

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Devine Strategies Teresa Rosenberger Helps Obtain $28M in State-backed Bonds for Redevelopment of NH Balsams Hotel

Teresa Rosenberger, President of Devine Strategies, assisted entrepreneur Les Otten in his goal of redeveloping the Balsams Resort in Dixville Notch by obtaining a new law which allows unincorporated places to form redevelopment assessment districts and also allows the state to guarantee $28,000,000 in bonds to be issued by the New Hampshire Finance Authority. Governor Maggie Hassan signed into law on May 20, 2015. Hassan says re-opening the Balsams is worth the state’s investment. “It is so important that we find a way to redevelop the Balsams as it has been such an anchor for the economy up there, and that of course has a ripple effect for the whole state. “The state-backed bond will help Mr. Otten fund the $143 million he estimates is needed to reopen the Dixville Notch resort.  Mr. Otten’s project “has been eagerly backed by North Country lawmakers and businesses, since it could mean the creation of 500 jobs by 2016 and 1,700 by 2024.”